Living and working in a pleasant way implies in my opinion a tidy home and a tidy working-place. With patience and tenacity I have been able to realize them myself. At home, at different spots, in a guiding role in several alterations. At work, over 25 years in staff with ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

There I was given the opportunity to develop myself in many ways and I came to realize I am a conscientious and hard worker, critical and independent, analytical and skilful at language. I’m able to distinguish essentials quickly, remain an overview and combine all relevant aspects in a concrete and clear advise. I like to assist others in improving themselves and to optimize processes.

With my experience I can support you in realising a new order, enabling you to take control over your belongings, your information and your time. I’m practical and preserve an overview; quality is very important to me. In 2019 I opted to become a Professional Organizer.

I was born in 1960, I went to high-school and university in Amsterdam and I live in my parental home again since 2008. I had my home altered extensively in 2013-2014. My partner lives on her own in Amsterdam, together we enjoy being with friends with a good diner and fine wine. We’re interested in culture and love walking in the mountains.