The profession

A Professional Organizer supports his client in organising his stuff, his information and his time. The words order, structure and peace of mind indicate what a client can achieve with the support of a Professional Organizer.

So it is obvious that you’ll find this teminology on practically every site of Organizers and on those of Professional Associations as well. A Professional Organizer investigates, together with his client, which causes can be determined for the fact that the client doesn’t succeed himself to change his habits. He can help his client in determining and reaching his goals.

So, a Professional Organizer works with the needs and wishes of his client as a guideline. He must have a willing ear, must keep asking when necessary, be patient and support his client to persist. He must have life-experience and self-knowledge. And of course, he must possess affinity with organising!

Confidentiality and integrity are essential to create an equal bond with the client, in which he doesn’t feel hindered or patronized.

The profession distinguishes between several types of customers. I will aim at both private and business customers. You can ask for my services as Home-Organizer, Workplace-Organizer and Financiel-Organizer. Soon I will also provide Timemanagement.