For me, pleasant living and working means a tidy house and an orderly workplace.

As a Professional Organizer, I help you organize your things, your (financial) information and your time.

The profession

What does a Professional Organizer do? A Professional Organizer guides his client in organizing his things, his information and his time.

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If you need help at home with cleaning up and organizing stuff and information. Because you now finally want to bring order and overview to your belongings and your mailbox.

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If you need help in organizing your workplace and your mailbox in your work as an independent entrepreneur or in a small and medium-sized business.

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If you need support at home or at work when organizing your financial administration. Because your financial administration gives you headaches.

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If your precious time slips through your fingers like sand. Both privately and for business you no longer know how to get everything you need and want done.

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If you are considering engaging a Professional Organizer. I would like to meet you first. In addition, we look at the situation that you want to change.

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